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SkinCurate Research Private Limited is a research company focussed at developing technologies for patient comfort centric total skin theranostics. Spun out by IIT Kharagpur graduates and fuelled by winning the GE Edison Challenge 2013, we hold strong global partnerships in developing affordable, scalable, point-of-care and frugal technological solutions for label free and non-invasive in situ diagnostic imaging and empowering clinical stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries and rest of the world.


Dr. Debdoot Sheet
Founder Director
Dr. Kausik Basak
Founder Director
Tamoghna Ojha
Founder Director

Research at Heart

At SkinCurate, we pursue research and developments of products for imaging, diagnosis, intervention, treatment and clinical management of skin lesions, melanoma and related dermatological disorders and diseases. Currently we are developing hardware software co-designed smartphone app to assist clinicians perform fast and accurate diagnosis of skin cancers and related abnormalities. Coupled with a special computational imaging service on the cloud the app can be used by semi-skilled paramedics working at rural and primary healthcare centers for fast and high-precision screening of skin lesions and abnormalities.


Interested to work with us?

We are looking for talented, passionate, and creative individuals to join our team. Skillsets for our current opportunities include (but not limited to) machine learning, image and vision computing, computational imaging, embedded systems design, mobile and cloud computing. Do write back to us, if you hold a B.Tech/M.S./M.Tech/Ph.D. in the broad domain of electrical, electronics and computer science and have expertise working with any of these skillsets.

To join us, email your resume to: careers@skincurate.com

NOTE TO RECRUITERS: SkinCurate Research Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as Company) does not accept any resumes submitted by, or candidates referred from, external agencies by any means (including but not limited to via the internet, email, fax, mail and/or verbal communications). Any third-party resume forwarded by such recruiters will be treated as a direct application and shall be deemed to be the property of the Company, and the Company reserves the right to contact the candidate directly and the recruiter will not receive any compensation from the Company.

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